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Sonoma Coast Appellation

Kanzler Vineyard

Appellation: Sonoma Coast
Planted: 1996
Total Acreage: 20 acres
Rootstock: 1103, 101-14 and 420A
Clones: 667 (2 blocks), 115 (2 blocks) and Pommard
Trellising: Cane
Soils: Gold Ridge Sandy Loam
Owner: Steve and Lynda Kanzler
Managed by: Eric Neal

Our first Kanzler Vineyard Pinot Noir was produced in 2002, and at that point, we knew we were on to something fantastic. Kanzler has been a staple in our portfolio ever since and, in addition to being a single vineyard designate wine, it is a large part of our Sonoma Coast appellation wine. In 2006, we will produce wine from five distinct blocks (2 - 667 blocks, 2 - 115 blocks and 1 - Pommard block) that are picked, sorted, cold-soaked, fermented and barreled separately.

The vineyard is located in western Sonoma County, just south of Bodega Highway on Sander's Road. The vineyard is on 20 gently sloping acres of what was formerly an old apple orchard. The vineyard location is near the beginning of the Petaluma Gap land channel, which is a microclimate characterized by morning and evening fog, breezy afternoons and bright, but mild afternoon sun. The cooler temperatures allow for an extended hang time and produce grapes of uncommon intensity and complexity. The Kanzler Vineyard is usually the last Pinot Noir vineyard we harvest. Owners Steve and Lynda Kanzler are committed to growing world class grapes and being good stewards of the environment.

Gap's Crown

Appellation: Sonoma Coast
Vine Age: 10 Years
Total Acreage: 140 (37 acres for Kosta Browne)
Rootstock: 101-14 (clone 667) 3309 (Swan and 115)
Clones: 114, 115, 667, 828, Swan

Trellising: Cane

Owners: Gap’s Crown, LLC

Managed by: Gap’s Crown, LLC



The Gap’s Crown vineyard is owned and managed by Gap’s Crown, LLC and is located in the Petaluma Wind Gap. Kosta Browne Winery has purchased Gap’s Crown Pinot Noir grapes since 2006 and now enjoys a long term lease of 37 planted acres. “It has been the backbone of our Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir program and contributed to our 2009 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir being awarded Wine Spectator’s #1 Wine of the Year in 2011,” says Michael Browne, founder of Kosta Browne Winery. Their viticulture is second to none, producing some of the fi nest grapes in Sonoma County.


Terra de Promissio Vineyard

Appellation: Sonoma Coast
Planted: 2002
Total Acreage: 32 acres
Rootstock: 101-14
Clones: 115, 777
Trellising: Cane
Soils: Sandy Loam, Adobe
Owner: Charles & Diana Karren
Managed by: Charles & Diana Karren; Phil Bertoli Vineyard Management Company

Kosta Browne has been working with Terra de Promissio vineyard since 2007. Terra de Promissio (the Land of Promise) is a story of a Russian immigrant family that farms the land in a sustainable manner and is involved in all viticultural aspects to bring out the essence of their vineyard site. From pruning to shoot positioning, from dropping the crop to green fruit removal at 90% veraison, everything is done to keep the yields low to achieve fruit intensity and to maximize flavors.

A long growing season with moderate temperatures, influenced by fog and direct wind from Pacific Ocean, is ideal for maximizing the production of phenolic compounds and acidity that result in complex, structured wines. Those growing conditions, coupled with passion, attention to detail, and commitment to producing high-quality fruit, is what makes this vineyard a true “Land of Promise” for Kosta Browne.