How the allocation works

How long does it take to get an allocation?

Due to Mother Nature’s variance from vintage to vintage, we are unable to provide a specific timeframe for our waitlist. Our goal with every release is to share our wines with as many new members as possible, while meeting the requests of current members.

Generally members are first offered an allocation of our Appellation wines during a spring release and over time, are provided access to our small production, Grower & Estate Single Vineyard Designate wines.

How is wine allocated?

Wineries take a variety of approaches to their mailing list and our method represents our best attempt to be as fair to everyone as possible. Over time, members who consistently order wines are given access to more wines. We guarantee an allocation based on your previous order – not on a first come basis – so that members feel confident about their allocation and have a longer period to confirm their acquisition. Your allocation is guaranteed until the end of the ordering period.

Members are first offered the Appellation Wines and then progress to the Grower & Estate Single Vineyard designates with time. Since all of our wines are produced in varying and limited quantities, not all of our wines are offered to everyone. We do our best to give as many people as possible access to the wines they would like.

How can I get an increased allocation?

Over time, members who consistently order wines are given access to more. If you’d like more than your initial allocation, you can make a ‘wish request’ for additional wine. We will do our best to grant some or all of your wishes, which then results in an increased allocation of that wine in subsequent offerings, pending vintage size variation.

What happens with a ‘Wish Request’?

If you choose to wish for additional wine, we will do our best to reserve extra bottles for you. We do this at the end of the release period once all orders are in. At that time, any wines that were set-aside for members who chose not to take their full allocation will be used to satisfy the wishes of members who would like more. We’ll let you know quickly, via an email confirmation, about how your Wish Request goes. Any additional bottles we are able to grant you will be handled as a new order and consolidated for shipment with your order from your original guaranteed allocation.

How can I get 4-Barrel Pinot Noir

Our 4-Barrel Pinot Noir is by nature a wine whose production level is incredibly limited and highly allocated. Although difficult to acquire, this wine will greatly reward those with enough patience to wait for it.