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Kosta Browne Winemaker Series

2015 4 Barrel, Pinot Noir

The best blend of four great barrels

Facts of Note


20 months - longest in KB history


75% Russian River Valley


First ever 100% new French oak blend

Unshackled from geographic constraints, this is a wine that comes straight from the heart of our winemaking team. A blend of four special barrels, each from one of four vineyards that seemed to shine the most in 2015. 4-Barrel is a singular wine, the components of which change each year but whose promise and reason for being remain the same – a winemaker’s pledge to unearth a remarkable story from each vintage. Simply the best blend we can craft from four special barrels representing four special vineyards.

The task for this wine is great: selecting just four barrels from the myriad number of individual lots that we nurture each and every vintage is hard. Finding the right quartet that sings together in just the right harmony is even harder. We make this wine with no vineyard or appellation restrictions. The gloves are off and the goal is to make something truly special and unique.

2015 4 Barrel California - Kosta Browne Winery


A barrel each of the following wines:

Giusti Ranch, clone Old Vine 777, Russian River Valley harvested Aug 15th, fermented in open top Rousseau wood fermenter, and aged in new French Boutes oak for 16 months.

Keefer Ranch, clone Pommard 4, Russian River Valley harvested Sept 9th, fermented in one ton open top and aged in new French Boutes oak for 16 months.

Gap’s Crown Vineyard, clone 667, Sonoma Coast harvested Sept 7th, fermented in concrete open top and aged in one year new French Boutes Coeur oak for 16 months.

Bootlegger’s Hill Vineyard, clone Elite, Sonoma Coast harvested Sept 12th, fermented in one ton open top and aged in one year new French Boutes Grand Reserve for 16 months.


100% New French Oak
6.3 g/L


Nose: A spice box of cinnamon, cardamom, fennel and lavender. Aromas of blueberry exotic strawberry, kiwi and orange with hints of forest floor.

Mouth: Immensely supple, soft and profound entry with flashy and exciting acidity. Broad, lush and velvety mid palate tannins with a seamless finish of Olympic length perpetuity.